Cultural transfer, democratic society and constitutionalism in the history of Euro-Mediterranean relations [UNIVE02]

Objectives: this course will analyse the development of cultural and social identities in the Mediterranean area on basis of comparative research and enquiries in the history of cross-border transfers and overseas relations. History becomes an instrument to study:
1) the Mediterranean area as laboratory for international and intercultural relations;
2) the origins of democratic societies;
3) the political factors: constitutionalism, rights of men, liberty and equality;
4) the international relations of the Mediterranean area comprising the relations of this area with the rest of the world;
5) the reality and the prospects of the Mediterranean Region.

Aims: the course will offer the necessary skills toanalyse the identities, the reality and the prospects of the Mediterranean Region. The course will analyse the actors and the structures here at stake, namely: states, nation-based and transnational economic and social forces; Mediterranean constitutionalism in the historical development; international relations and diplomacy of the Mediterranean area.